Master piece of the Day: Delighted

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By [Guillaume Hochard]


Facebook Best photo of Tunisia competition

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Some Beizig Sami had the great idea of launching a photo contest on the theme Facebook Tunisia, in black and white.

The winning photo will be collected to be the most votes, evidenced by the following comment "Vote Tunisia."

55 participants and particpations are already closed.
Not bad for interest on the part of "facebookeurs." The theme is not original but is the approach is!

For once you invited me on Facebook event really interesting I could not pass up the opportunity to talk about it.

Via [Pink Lemon]

I don't really like Facebook that much but I really like the idea of challenges about photography.


Sandton Convention Centres, Johannesburg. 13 au 16 mars 2008.

The curated show As You Like It is a unique element of the Joburg Art Fair. Simon Njami and Thembinkosi Goniwe have selected 29 emergent contemporary artists to exhibit the ‘now’ of contemporary African art making. The show provides an overview of the general themes in contemporary African art along with a fresh perspective of the scope of the field itself.

I'm really delighted to see such events promoting photography in Africa and more happy to see two Tunisian artists on the list, Africa needs a voice a way to show up the way it wants to, as a major photojournalism victim the stored life in the continent was always a wasted potential behind the scene of war and starving.

Go to [Joburg Art Fair]


Materpiece of the Day: A wmoan pouring tae

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Tamerza - chez Mohamed By [Jean-Pierre Dodel]


Masterpiece of the Day: Tunis speedy metro

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By so far and close friend [Mahesh Shantaram]


PixiPost: the first Tunisian Online Photo service

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PixiPost is the first Tunisian site for online digital photo printing and album creation.
Except in office since June 2006, it allows you to create online and free personalized photo albums. Of course, your album will be protected by a password only you on hold. If you want to share your album with your family or friends, that is very simple, just give them your access details.
Without moving, PixiPost you the opportunity to order your prints, just by clicking on the pictures selected from those albums. PixiPost guarantees free treatment imperfections of your photos and ordered a draw on digital paper professional. In addition, without moving, your order will be mailed to your door.

PixiPost, as a merchant, is an adventure in a part of the world where the use of applications such as "e-services" is shy. But in any case the founders of PixiPost were deterred because, behind this ambitious project, mask a deep desire to participate in the creation of a culture "e-ervices.
To our surprise, numerous people have spontaneously grown in this dream and have been actively involved in improving PixiPost. Faced with such an attitude we can be that their present our sincere thanks.
The team PixiPost specially thank: Ridha Hedhli and Oumayma Hamdi Bacha for their contribution to the formulation of the project; Samir Tazeghdandi for its expertise in electronic payment; Faouzi Guessoumi, Nesrine Toumi, Bechir Ben Gouissem for their contribution to the technical assessment Site; Lotfi Kriaa, Anis Koussaier, Mohamed sellami, Afef Gegham, Asma Azaiez, Nooman Mahjoub for their participation in the promotion of the site; Marwen Gegham for the design and Rostom Challendi for design of this site.

The prices are pretty reasonable, I haven't experienced this service but it's really comfortable to see how the digital market is growing and having online extension.

The smart thing about this site is that you can pay by transferring units from your mobile phone (Tunisie Telecom or Tunisiana)for people who don't have credit cards and that's really fine.

You can also choose between normal delivery and express delivery, the fees are extremely light going from 0,700 to 5,000 TND, the delivery for Tunisia and UAE is between 2-4 days and more than a week for other countries.


Tunisian games Championship photo challenge

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The Tunisian Games is a remarkable new events dedicated to the gaming as PES, CS, War Craft, ... and before starting the real events an online photo challenge has started about the way You play and how you do it, right there is many photos uploaded I didn't find any real excitement about that, but it's just an other bright start.


Master piece of the Day: Tunisina Cafe

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By [James Ewing]


featured photographer: Mouna Karray

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Mouna Karray lives and works between Paris and Tunisia.

Born in 1970 in Sfax in Tunisia, she began to photography and film at the Higher Institute for Cultural de Tunis (1989-1993).
It resides in Japan from 1997 to 2002 where she obtained in 1999, a master's degree in photography from Tokyo Institute of Arts and Polytechnics.
When he returned to Tunisia in 2002, she taught photography at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Sousse and that of Gabes. In 2003, it enjoys an artist residency at the Centre d'Art of Living Rades, Tunisia.
In 2004, she moved to Paris in 2005 and won, an artist residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts de Paris. In 2007, the foundation Civitella Ranieri invite him to participate in an artist residency in Italy.

His visit to Japan was the starting point for an autobiographical work. In 2000, she directed and exhibitions The room and Self-portrait, my love Tokyo.
She then engaged in Tunisia, a photography and installation that attempts to trace the "unseen", following the death of his father. She realized in 2004 installing El Mech'hed, reconstruction of a cemetery, and presents the exhibition Clipping, work focuses on intimate images of graves and beds.
Starting in 2005, it will continue to meet and take pictures of women from different cultures for his project at the risk of identity…

Come to visit [Mouna Karray's website]


Master piece of the Day: Domino players Djerba 1999

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By [Gigi Oddone]


Erotic exposition at El teatro - Tunis

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A bright new style exposition have started in El Teatro : "Sex Y city" featuring Lamine SASSI, Chedly BELKHAMSA, Férid BEN MASSAOUD, Ahmed ZELFANI, Kais BOUSSEN, Mahmoud CHALBI, Mohamed BEN SLAMA, Omar BEY, Halim KARABIBANE, Mourad HARBAOUI, de : ROUMA, Najet GHRISSI, Basma HADDAWI, Héla AMMAR, Rachida AMARA, Soufia BARAKET, Amal Ben ATTIA, YMEN, Rabiaa SKIK.. a gathering of mutli-culture and mixed generations artists showing their vision about sexuality through out plastic arts and photos, the show will last till the next March 14.

Via [Heliodore]


Master piece of the Day: Tozeur Medina Kid

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Along the narrow roads of the Medina in Tozeur, a small boy plays with the Islamic rosary By [Mario Donadoni]


New York Heritage photo exposition in Tunis

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MM. Mohamed El Aziz Ben Achour, Minister of Culture and the Preservation of Monuments, and Robert F. Godec, Ambassador of the United States of America in Tunisia, inaugurated yesterday evening at the National Library of Tunisia, a photo exhibition entitled''The architectural heritage of New York'', in the presence of men of culture and diplomats accredited to Tunis.

This exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Preservation of Monuments and the National Cultural Committee, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America.

It is an exhibition, which includes about 80 black and white photos, framed and accompanied by captions that provide lighting cultural, historical and architectural on public and private buildings in New York City, restored during the 20th century by American and European architects.

The photographs were taken by some fifty known photographers or single students who have captured the spirit of New York.

These photos, it was Roosevelt''''Birth Place, a national historic site, built in 1848 and expanded in 1916,''''Central Park, the first large public park that combines beautifully of architectural and landscape features, Patrik'''''s Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the United States,''and''Columbia University, the oldest college in New York State.

Included on the bill as''New York Exchange Building''or Wall Street, the first center of financial activity in New York,''''Flatiron Building, a skyscraper, the most famous and eccentric that City and Manhattan Bridge Approach''or''the Manhattan Bridge established on the East River.

On this occasion, Mr. Ben Achour focused on the long relationships between Tunisia and the United States of America, especially in the cultural field, expressing his admiration for the rich cultural and architectural heritage of American cities, including New York.
For his part, Mr. Robert F. Godec welcomed the achievements made by Tunisia in all fields, noting that this event is in line with the fruitful cultural exchange between the two countries.

Via [La Presse]

More coverage coming soon as I go there.


Master piece of the Day: The Kachabia old man

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By [Bill Hocker] - Tunis in 1971


Tunisian beautiful peaple on Flickr

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When Flickr first started there was only a couple of groups dedicated to show up photos of Tunisia: Tunisia, Tunisie and my group "Tunisian Photographers Group" and a fist of Tunisian photobloggers, now there are a hundreds of them powered with many Gigabytes memory cards and a hunger for uploading.

The people out there are four categories:
- The family album champions: this is my mama, my daddy and the dog of the neighborhoods who vanishes after getting rid after sending emails to everybody showing how smart they are by having a free service.

- The Tourists: Tunisian or foreigners, their vision of the surroundings stuff is worth sharing it on the internet, they have some kind of pioneer feeling that leads to make them feel good.

- The amateur photographer: those people have gone beyond being able to download photos from their camera or taking their family into pictures, their ambition based in others conquest is to make the finest and best photos that fits into groups, gets comments and making him feel stepping small feet into the photography Sahara.

- Professional or semi-professional photographer: confirmed well trained photographer who trusted flickr, those people are the fewest Tunisian to be there as Amine Messadi.

Anyway, all along the years Flickr, beside many others photo sharing services is the most popular thing even if I always said that Tunisian are Yahooholic, I think that we did choose the best ways to show our photos.