Tunisian beautiful peaple on Flickr

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When Flickr first started there was only a couple of groups dedicated to show up photos of Tunisia: Tunisia, Tunisie and my group "Tunisian Photographers Group" and a fist of Tunisian photobloggers, now there are a hundreds of them powered with many Gigabytes memory cards and a hunger for uploading.

The people out there are four categories:
- The family album champions: this is my mama, my daddy and the dog of the neighborhoods who vanishes after getting rid after sending emails to everybody showing how smart they are by having a free service.

- The Tourists: Tunisian or foreigners, their vision of the surroundings stuff is worth sharing it on the internet, they have some kind of pioneer feeling that leads to make them feel good.

- The amateur photographer: those people have gone beyond being able to download photos from their camera or taking their family into pictures, their ambition based in others conquest is to make the finest and best photos that fits into groups, gets comments and making him feel stepping small feet into the photography Sahara.

- Professional or semi-professional photographer: confirmed well trained photographer who trusted flickr, those people are the fewest Tunisian to be there as Amine Messadi.

Anyway, all along the years Flickr, beside many others photo sharing services is the most popular thing even if I always said that Tunisian are Yahooholic, I think that we did choose the best ways to show our photos.

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