Tunisian photographers Meetup

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As planned above, the meetup was help in Jamaica Cafe around Amine's encounter; a rounded shaped guy with a might beard that is pretending to do cinema while his photos rocks and so did say everybody around a set of fans who came to see him while he was unable to remember including Zied, Chikipi, Mehdi, Rasta Raf and other 3 non photographers buddies, Amine missed the fun as he seemed to got stuck with some family business.

Amine told us of the two short movies he did shot for the Carthage Cinema festival and how he went to Italy to study Cinema but also we talked about and why and why photography should be a way to make money to refund the hobby.

An other intersting item discussed while we were there is how to set up an exposition gathering the whole crew, but many didn't agree and said that it needs a couple of months and it be the same way like JPG Magazine.

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