Manfred Ehrich & Claude Perez photo exposition

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As announced below, the Photo exposition gathering Manfred Ehrich & Claude Perez took start yesterday in El Teatro in the fever of the year of photo and I got you one word: Go there! have a look a splenedid set of works, amazing discoveryt of a ripped off art and magic:

- Manfred Ehrich works are a set of black and white composed in a dark room giving birth to harmonious shapes.

- Claude Perez is about photojournalism or documentary photo: a set of very old and rare takes all over the country with Jewish signature from Djerba, the best three photos he got were black and white portrait of the former president Bourguiba as my friend commented: "The godfather" that's how they looked like.

The hall is fulled with more than 200 photos (350 TND each) and the photographers themselves are there, such rare opportunity is worth some walk downtown, don't miss this exhibit.

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