Sony Flagship a900 DSLR to Run Under $2000?

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So I just talked to a Sony Rep that comes into my store ( I work for Best Buy) and I was asking him about the a900. He told me that the company had sent out preliminary pricing on the a900 about a month ago to the reps. He said its not nailed down yet but that they are aiming at the sub-$2000 market. Which would put it at less than half the price of the least expensive full frame camera available now (canon 5d @ $3000). Im not sure what to make of this or if I should believe this.....

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If the rumour is true Sont Alpah A900 would the cheapest full frame DSLR ever, it would be even then the semi-pro eauipemnet then Sony is willing to stand in front of the giants in the heart of the digital imagery field.

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