ATB challenge

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In Tunis, there few events involving photography beside a couple of small festivals, ATB challenge is one of the major and most buzzed events ever without being that great thing about arts, the challenge is about three disciplines: Art (Photography, Cinema, painting), Technology and Business. The photography is the major part of the whole competition involving less than one hundred amateur willing to get one the prizes: 1st prize 7000 TND (About 5000USD), 1000 TND for the second one and finally 500 TND for the last challenger.

This the jury is always a gathering of business man ans celebrities unable to differ photography from art, I have been in the first edition which spots "The national treasures" my main work was a set of photos of Sidi Ali Azzouz(Zaghouan) a splendid and Arabic post-Andalusian style and I was beaten by a guy shooting his hand as "The hand that build Tunisia" and a girl taking El Jem coliseum arches with her mobile phone as a matter of fun.

The event is -unfortunately- not promoting fun as a propaganda like what the bank is smart and it supports arts and young people. Anyway, I keep the faith and stand to see what's going to be about this edition titled: Mediterranean sea : unionism and diversity.

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akramus - March 19, 2008 at 3:40 PM

J'ai pas remarké tant de Buzz autour de l'ATB challenge :s

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