Photography and sensitive sites in Tunisia

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Do not photograph such things as foreign embassies, government offices, military installations, army manoeuvres, troop movements, etc however good a picture they may make. The police have instructions to question photographers who seem interested in "sensitive" sites. You risk being detained temporarily and you will probably lose your photographs.

This information is part of the Tunisia British council recommendations and it's not almost true that the camera is making the forces nervous always nervous but it happens that they also got others instructions to leave the tourists roam free, and by the way those instructions are universal try step ahead and takes a picture of the Scotland Yard, in very little country sensitive sites are the same more or less tolerated.

There is one thing that I can ensure you that nobody got arrested in Tunisia -especially foreigners- because he was taking photos, remember that the Ministry of the interior is in the middle of Avenue Habib Bourguiba and that Tourists like to shot the whole street. Tunisia is a very safe country guarded by educated police forces, there's nothing to worry about, if you have been mistaken you would asked kindly even to stop taking photos or just to erase them, no camera confiscated or any trouble at all.

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