Featured Photograher : Jellel Gastli

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Neil, Semia, Imane, Sami and Inji A., by Tunisian photographer Jellel Gastelli,
who divides his life between France and Tunisia.

Born in 1958 in Tunisia, Jellel Gastelli graduated in 1985 from the Ecole Nationale de la Photographie in Paris, where he currently resides with his family. In 1984 he travelled back to Tunisia and began his White Series (Série Blanche) . In 1990 he travelled to Alexandria, Egypt as French Cultural Centre artist -in-residence. That same year Gastelli received grants from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from Kodak-Pathé, which allowed him to produce a photographic series on the city of Tangiers, Morocco and he published a book on this work in 1991.

Jellel describes his work as follows:

From time to time, ever since 1984, I have photographed the medium of Hammamet and the architecture of Djerba Islands mosques. I seek to capture the purity of the walls, covered with several coats of white-wash and to reduce buildings to their underlying cubic shapes. I inscribe in these images the sensations provoked by the tension between lines and surfaces saturated with light. Their multiple geometric combinations imperceptibly make their way toward abstraction. I play at replacing static prespective with dynamic flat surfaces. Although I was not aware of it when I began them, I realise now that in these very large prints, making up what I call the White Series (Série Blanche) I endeavoured to capture the intense pure spirit of place that I associate with my Tunisian childhood.

Jellel Gastelli’s Séries Blache has been exhibited at the Guggenheim as well as being part of their permanent collection in New York.

Unfortunately there was few about Jellel Gastli, and he doesn't have a dedicated portfolio or website.

Via [Micheal Open Gallery]

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