Chazal and the Royal photography in Tunis

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The recent war between France and Tunis which upset government of the latter and made the Tunisian a sort of department of France has not benefited M. Chazal for he was an intimate acquaintance of the Bey fifteen months indeed M. Chazal was an inmate of the at Tunis for the Bey's brother is an accomplished thanks to our host tuition Very soon the came to appreciate the value of photography and like wise man he cast about for a thorough master who could the art root and branch His brother however the more apt pupil although the Bey himself was imbued with the importance of photography that he upon establishing a private studio for himself C. Chazal was sent for and given carte blanche both in respect construction and expenditure and the consequence was in a few months the Bey's palace at Tunis boasted one the most complete photographic establishments The of glorious old Carthage or rather what is left of are very close to Tunis as every student of the knows full well and this spot afforded plenty of scope to the Royal photographs.

From The Photographic News edited by Sir William Crookes, G Wharton Simpson

It's a very strange text of memory, M. Chazal (Who seems to be British) seems to be a pioneer photographer in North Africa, as he have been in Algeria, the contact with the royal family have established deep photography tradition inside the palace of the Bey thus making the epidemic of the photo such a Royal affair.

I don't remember seeing any photos labeled by the name of a Bey, I wonder where did the works of his majesty gone, such photography should be one of the first art works ever in Tunisia, we know few things about the monarchy and we know fewer things about the Photos at that times.

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