The early days of Photography Copyright

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Copyright created and registered in England, is secured ipso facto in the other countries subscribing to Berne convention of International Copyright. These countries are as follow: Algiers, Belgium, Denmark and the Faeroe Islands, France and its colonies, Hayti,Italy,Japan,Liberia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Tunis, under this convention the photographer must comply with the formalities of his country (The country of origin), and he obtains in the other countries the degree protection of production which granted to natives in these countries. The degree of protection varies ...

From [Cassell's Cyclopedia of Photography By Bernard Edward Jones]

Thus as you can see the first threads about Photography copyright came from UK and so did the other Europe country, while in Tunisia, we would certainly do the same as France under the protectorate system. I'm sure that at the time the stock photos was a prominent business all over Europe(Perhaps not yet in USA)they did always tried to protect it from copy and theft as ma matter of assets more than a matter of art.

Till those days, the Tunisian legislation classifies Photography with other copyrighted paper stuff as books, there is no straight law showing the specific nature of the photo itself. I don't know even if we are still in the Bern convention, hope so.

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