Featured Photograher : Adel Bouallagui

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Adel Bouallagui was born and raised in Tunisia, he started his career as a journalist reporter for local and foreign newspapers then he joined the Tunisian TV where he participated in the production of three-hour talk show. He earned a master's degree in Media & Arts specializing in Digital Photography and Video Production.

His interest in digital photography was fostered by his digital photography workshops in Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York. from this point on, Adel has taken photographs all over the state of New York. Adel 's strong media and mass communications theories understanding and capabilities have allowed him to get into the middle of the crowd and capture various photographs in different themes. Adel has a tendency towards working on themed photographs over the past two years Adel has been working on photographs concerning Multiculturalism, Globalization, global communications, and Body language.

Adel has a tendency towards using digital imaging to capture and doccument various Folkloric & Cultural Heritage, he also likes working on themed photographs.
Over the past Adel has been working on topics such as: Multiculturalism, Globalization, Global communications, and Body language.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have a dedicated site and his works are thrown all over the Internet.

[Adel Bouallagui Gallery]

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