Featured Photograher : KAMEL AGREBI

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Kamel Agrebi is a Tunisian photographer,working in advertising since 1986 I'm living Tunis, he was graduated from political science college in Grenoble(France). he got several exhibitions all around Tunisia and an amazing online portfolio.

I spend a while getting chunks of informations in many galleries and portfolios sites to get more him, I even tried to contact, but he was not listed in the yellow pages.

His works goes from the studio photography(His main style) to the portrait and open places shots showing a set of what he was concerned about, the photos even dedicated for a business purposes shows a revelation art touch, I did really like the portrait he was making and the smiling faces. I bet that you have encountered somewhere in the way back home or reading a newspaper or a magazine without identifying the artist behind the camera thus take a look at his portfolio to get really amazed.

[Kamel Agrebi Website]
[Kamel Agrebi portfolio at Photo.net]

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