Featured Photographer : Bechir Mannour

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Bechi Manoubi was born in November 24,1930 in Tunis he started his career as boxer -He was even Tunisian Boxing champion in 1958- before becoming a sport photographer by 1960, he has been in the major world events as 10 world cups and 12 summer Olympic games and three Mohamed Ali boxing matches, he is believed to the be the most known photographer of Africa.

He used to wear a special clothing making him easily remarkable everywhere he went: the Mexican hat with a several Tunisian flogs and tens of cards covering both his jacket and hat he have been collecting. The whole thing wights 50 Kg that he owe him to get mentioned in the Guinness book. Unfortunately although his great works all along the 60 years of sport photojournalism, he was never rewarded nor locally nor outside the country.

In his testament, Bechir Manoubi asked that:
- Save his archives.
- His costume to be used.
- Keep on his mission thus Hosni ,his son, has taken the flame.

[Bechi Manoubi Official Webiste]
[Bechi Manoubi Official Galleries]

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