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GoGozo and its trip leaders put a distinct emphasis on fun, adventure and awareness building. With such exciting activities as riding camels in Tunisia, visiting the Star Wars filming site, or the nightly Balzan street festivals, there is much to experience.

Photographic instruction, including darkroom developing and computer manipulation, is an ongoing backdrop to our adventures. Students are encouraged to carry their cameras at all times and to experiment with new cameras including rudimentary pinholes, and single-use cameras.

Although Tunisians are claimed to be the experts of the Tourism business baking up their strategy through the sunny beaches, the sandy Sahara and a lot of fun, nobody made a statement how funny should be the education thus thus company offers a excellent trip all over Sicily, Malta and Tunisia and do you know why? because this line of marvelous country hold the best and essentials of the Mediterranean beauty, all you can is to take your camera off your bag and start to shoot.

Unfortunately this service seems to be open to European rather than locals, and the point is why we don't invest a little in such great new business idea, in one part you can get everybody practice photography in the right ways, and in an other hand you can go anywhere including the less concerned area such as mountainous or less know or less visited historic monuments as photography can be operated any where there is a piece of beauty.

IMHO such places as Zaghouan would benefit from such business, the government have tried several years to pump the Tourism somehow there in vain, too far from the beaches and the hotels with couple of major historic monuments, but they never thought about innovation, many tourist nowadays practice photography not just to stamp their last summer travel as much as photography itself.

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