Tunisian Safari: The land of the Photography

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The first time I visited Tunisia was in the 1960s not long after the country had gained its independence from France and President Bourguiba was in power. The country was just beginning to dip its toe into the rapidly expanding river of tourism.

...Close by is the real Tunisia, the medina at Sousse, the troglodyte dwellings at Matmata, the desert market at Douz, the Chott and the mountain oases. The photography is exciting and challenging and for a Muslim country--the least restricted that I have experienced.

Sousse, Tunisia's third largest city, is an unusual combination of beach resort, industrial port and Islamic city. Each part of the city is separate, so you pass from one world to another quickly and totally. The old medina is a maze of winding streets and endless photographic opportunities--the ideal place to start your journey and become acclimated to the country.

This was a fascinating journey with plenty of photographic opportunities, so I was very happy to retrace my steps in February 2003 leading a group of 15 photographers from the Northern Region of the Royal Photographic Society.

This is an other testimonial how pretty the photography is in Tunisia through decades, people like Jane H. Black were coming and going enjoying every little stuff around, Tunisia is the land of the picturesque a motion worth take shots and getting back happy with a little smell of history in a photo.

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